Tom Keelin Named Chief Research Scientist

by Sam Savage

Tom Keelin

Tom Keelin

We are happy to announce that Tom Keelin, inventor of the Metalog system, will join as Chief Research Scientist. Tom is Founder and Managing Partner at Keelin Reeds Partners, former Worldwide Managing Director of Strategic Decisions Group, and co-founder of Decision Education Foundation. He holds a PhD in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.

On their own, Metalogs represent an unprecedented, unified approach to creating analytical formulas to represent probability distributions derived from data. Coupled to the HDR Random Number Management Framework from Doug Hubbard, they are leading to a new generation of SIPmath in which SIP libraries, which currently may contain millions of data elements, will be reduced to a few lines of code. These in turn will create virtual SIPs on an as-needed basis, without losing the fundamental properties of additivity and auditability that are the hallmarks of the discipline of probability management.

Watch for an upcoming blog post on the combined use of the SIPmath, HDR, and Metalog standards.

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