2020 Annual Conference

Data, Decisions, and the Value of Information

April 21 - 22, 2020
Loring Ward Headquarters
San Jose, CA

Our 2020 Annual Conference will take place at the Loring Ward headquarters in downtown San Jose, CA. Registration will open soon!


In the midst of the information economy it is shocking how few are aware of the Value of Information, a fundamental element of decision analysis. It is calculated as the difference in economic value between the best courses of action with and without the information. Therefore, the value of information that cannot impact a decision is zero. We should not invest more to acquire data than the value of the information it provides.

Value of information calculations, decision analysis, and the intelligent acquisition of data are all improved by the discipline of probability management.

Call for Abstracts

If you would like to present at the Annual Conference, please submit a brief abstract and your bio to Bridget Cash at bridget@probabilitymanagement.org by Friday, November 15. Presentations are 30 minutes, including time for Q&A. Abstracts and bio should be no more than 200 words each.

Speakers receive discounted conference registration and an invitation to a dinner for conference speakers and sponsors on Monday, April 20. Speakers are responsible for their travel expenses and cost of the dinner.