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3.0 Documentation


Introduction: The goose that lays golden eggs

An add-in to Excel that makes it easy to create Data Table simulation models, which then run on their own without any macros or add-ins.

Demo: One million Monte Carlo trials in 4 seconds

(10,000 before your finger leaves the enter key)


How the Data Table works in SIPmath

A short explanation of the underlying concept of the Data Table.

Leverage @RISK and Crystal Ball

@RISK from Palisade and Crystal Ball from Oracle are perfect platforms for generating SIP libraries for use in interactive simulations in Excel


Correlating distributions in the SIPmath Enterprise tools

Two random variables are added in the SIPmath Enterprise Tools, then the distributions compared with and without correlation.

Multivariate Normal distributions using SIPmath

Learn about Multivariate Normal distributions and the use of a Covariance Matrix. The video includes a discussion of the Cholesky worksheet.

3.0 Documentation