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Promoting the communication of uncertainty through education, best practices, and our open SIPmath™ standard, which represents probability distributions as auditable data.

What's new:

February 2014:
 • Article on Probability Management in Government Finance Review Magazine

  (used with permission)
 • Meeting in San Diego.

December 2013:

 • Webinar on Managing Project Uncertainty - Stanford University

November 2013:
 • Article on The Sequestetron in Analytics Magazine.

June 2013:
 • A prototype for estimating the impact of uncertain tax revenues was presented at the 107th annual meeting of the Government Finance Officials Association in San Francisco. Download the shortfall model here.

May 2013
 • Meeting in San Diego.

Sam Savage, Executive Director, discusses the Arithmetic of Uncertainty at the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge University.

Executive Director Sam Savage

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